Morguard is imagining a bright new future for Wyldewood Estates.

Thanks to those who continued to provide feedback on the concepts for revitalizing Wyldewood Estates during the City of Calgary’s review process.

Since the fall of 2016, the project team has been working with the City of Calgary and Acadians to best adapt the proposed plan to better reflect community and City needs. To read our responses to the community’s insight see the full Engagement Response Summary, as provided in our resubmission package to the City.

Thank you for sharing your ideas and for being part of the process to revitalize Wyldewood Estates.


About Wyldewood Estates

Wyldewood Estates is a 330-unit apartment complex in the community of Acadia. Built in the 1960s, the buildings now require extensive upgrading.

In the coming years, Morguard is planning to create a revitalized and sustainable residential community that will provide new amenities while creating strong and convenient connections within neighbourhoods. The ourWyldewood process has been developed to give Calgarians a voice in the redevelopment.

Before plans were submitted to The City of Calgary, the community had a chance to share ideas on ways to enhance the community with amenities, recreational offerings and more. Make sure your voice is heard! Take advantage of the ourWyldewood engagement opportunities below.

Frequently Asked Questions


The initial plans for ourWyldewood focus on design choices that respect the existing community and strive to provide better connections for area residents.


ourWyldewood is proposing new recreational opportunities, amenities and accessible open spaces for community use.


The buildings proposed for ourWyldewood focus on growing up rather than out, so open areas and green spaces can be maximized for everyone to enjoy.


The ourWyldewood project team has developed a refined set of ideas on the amenities and designs proposed for the site, and the ways they would complement the surrounding community.

Engagement Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in the project! There are no present opportunities for leaving your feedback, however a copy of the initial What We Heard Report and follow up Engagement Summary Response are available for viewing and download in PDF format.  To stay informed about the project’s next steps, please use the email signup below.

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