Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Wyldewood Estates located?
At 9700 Bonaventure Drive SE in Calgary.

How many buildings and units are there?
There are currently 11 buildings on 14 acres, with a total of 330 rental units.

How old is the property?
The buildings were all constructed in the 1960s.

Who is the property owner?
Morguard has owned Wyldewood Estates since 2003. The company owns and manages more than 18,000 rental suites across North America.

Why is it being targeted for redevelopment?
The existing buildings are reaching the end of their practical life cycle. Morguard views this eventuality as an opportunity to redevelop the Wyldewood Estates site in an environmentally and socially responsible way; one that will set a new standard for inner city redevelopment in Calgary.

What is being proposed?
The initial plans for the revitalized Wyldewood Estates are for a sustainable, multi-residential rental community, with a focus on enhanced amenities and a design that encourages connections to neighbouring communities. The development would contain 1,200 units, with about 50 per cent of the site devoted to landscaped space. The plans would also include mixed commercial uses, which will be influenced by community input.

The initial proposal has been developed to support The City of Calgary’s goals for effective community planning and development, conforming to City standards for transit-oriented development, increased density and vibrant urban corridors. The proposed plan includes a zoning change for the site.

What elements in the proposed plan can be influenced by the community?
The community will have a chance to offer their input in several key areas, including the amenities offered on the site, the way the green space is organized and managed, the recreational opportunities that will be provided (skating rink, splash park, etc.) and any commercial offerings.

How would this redevelopment benefit the community?
In addition to providing modern, affordable housing and customized amenities, the new site will:

  • Provide 50 per cent of the site to useable green space, including providing attractive gathering places for residents of the development and surrounding areas
  • Provide new opportunities for recreational options like tennis courts or playgrounds (as influenced by community input)
  • Create an attractive and thoughtful interface between the property and neighbouring residences
  • Offer housing options that are close to public transit
  • Improve the connections between the development and surrounding communities with attractive and convenient pathways
  • Support the development of an inviting urban corridor
  • Provide access to commercial services on site (as influenced by community input)
  • Improve mobility options for pedestrians and cyclists

How can I offer feedback?
The project team is not actively engaging the community at this time as the land use application has now been resubmitted to the City of Calgary for review.

When will plans be finalized?
The ourWyldewood consultation process wrapped up on November 29, 2015. Morguard used the feedback gathered to refine plans for the new development prior to submitting to The City of Calgary for review in Spring 2016.

How can I find out more?
You can reach the project team at, or contact them by telephone at 403-800-9191.

You can also sign up to receive occasional project updates via email.


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